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Mission Support Definitions


Contributions for United Mission (UM) from American Baptist Churches and individuals provide the largest portion of support for our American Baptist Mission. They support all of our American Baptist Mission work and provide the foundation of support for our endeavors as American Baptists. Contributions to UM are reported on the Monthly Report of American Baptist Mission Support form. The contributions are distributed on a percentage basis as agreed upon in a covenant by Regional organizations, International Ministries, National Ministries, Ministers & Missionaries Benefit Board, and the office of the General Secretary.

  1. UNITED MISSION BASICS. Gifts to United Mission Basics (UMB) support all parts of our mission efforts as American Baptists. These gifts are vital and basic to all of our American Baptist family.
  2. UNITED MISSION LOVE GIFTS. American Baptist Women make over and above contributions known as Love Gifts. Fifteen per cent of these contributions are used to support the work of the American Baptist Women’s Ministries, while the balance is divided in the same way as gifts to United Mission Basics.
  3. UNITED MISSION DESIGNATIONS. United Mission Designations are gifts or contributions toward budgeted financial support of a particular mission board or program board, budgeted financial support of a particular missionary, or budgeted financial support in a particular area of mission. Such gifts do not pro- vide additional money for the budget participants, but are part of their approved budget. If you are not sure whether a program or missionary is in the approved budget, please correspond with the appropriate board before sending in the gifts.


The American Baptist Churches of the South promotes and contributes to five annual offerings, which provide financial support to the recipients over and above support received from United Mission. The Annual Offerings are listed on the Monthly Report of American Baptist Mission Support form.

  1. AMERICA FOR CHRIST. The America for Christ (AFC) offering is divided into two-thirds for the work of National Ministries, and one-third for the work of the American Baptist Churches of the South. (Usually given in March.)
  2. ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING. The One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering supports disaster relief and development around the world. (Usually given in June, it may be given throughout the year – especially in times of disaster.)
  3. WORLD MISSION OFFERING. The World Mission Offering (WMO) goes entirely for the work of International Ministries [missionaries, support of partners] in countries beyond the borders of the United States. (usually given in October).
  4. RETIRED MINISTERS & MISSIONARIES. The Retired Ministers & Missionaries Offering (RMMO) is administered by the M & M Board to provide emergency relief and a “thank you” to retired minister and missionaries. (Usually given in December).
  5. REGION (ABCOTS) OFFERING. The Region Offering provides needed assistance in the maintenance of the American Baptist Mission and Conference Center as well as numerous mission projects of the region (Usually given in July)


  1. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT. Gifts to American Baptist-related institutions in the United States, which participate in the Institutional Support Process (ISP), are for their operating expenses. These institutions include seminaries, colleges, campus ministries, student aid for colleges and seminaries, ministry development centers, retirement homes, hospitals, children’s homes, and our national conference/training center (ABC) at Green Lake, Wisconsin.
  2. SPECIFICS. Specifics are contributions to budget participants to provide extra money for special needs not provided for in the participants’ budgets. Contributions for the National Council of Churches and validated local ministries are also included in this category. Gifts for a missionary’s personal use are NOT included here, but should be listed below as Miscellaneous Objectives.
  3. TARGETED GIVING Gifts as results of special appeals by American Baptist covenantal partners., usually for special programs and/or projects.


American Baptist Mission Support (ABMS) is the total of our “American Baptist family” budgets. It consists of our United Mission (UM), the five Annual Offerings, Institutional Support Process (IPS), Specifics and Targeted Giving.

  1. CAMPAIGNS FOR ABC WORK. These gifts are for campaigns approved by the World Mission Support Council. These include campaigns conducted by recognized American Baptist institutions, by Regional organizations, and by national American Baptist organizations.
  2. MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTIVES. This category provides for gifts for a missionary’s personal use, the American Bible Society, or the American Leprosy Mission. (Other non-ABC related gifts should be sent directly to the organization.) Gifts in this category are strictly “in and out” and no American Baptist mission credit is given by ABC to the donor.

Please send your remittance form and check to:


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American Baptist Churches of the South