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Offertory Statement


“When I was in the Army I learned that when the commander gave an order, there was a minimum requirement you could do to satisfy the commander. But a good soldier would try to understand the intentions of the commander and satisfy the intent of the order. This is much like GIVING. We can give what is required (tithes) or we can try to understand as Christ did, to give of our ABUNDANCE. Christ was teaching us that it was through our giving we express the Heart of God. These are the ten reasons I GIVE.

  1. I GIVE as an INDICATION…as an indication of good stewardship.
  2. I GIVE to show HONOR…to show honor for the sacrifice Jesus Christ performed for us on the cross.
  3. I GIVE to render THANKS… to render thanks to the Lord for all His benefits.
  4. I GIVE to show SUPPORT…to show support for the spreading of the gospel around the world.
  5. I GIVE to show a COMMITMENT…to show a commitment to the purpose and mission of New Beech Grove Baptist Church.
  6. I GIVE as an EXAMPLE…as an example to my family and friends.
  7. I GIVE to show LEADERSHIP…to show leadership to the men of the church and the community.
  8. I GIVE as part of a LEGACY…as part of a long family tradition of service to the Lord.
  9. I GIVE to show SUBMISSION…to show submission to the leadership and pastor of this church.
  10. The last reason I GIVE is because it feels GOOD!