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Charitable Gifts

Strengthening the “Missional” Church in a Fluctuating Economy

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Four Areas of Training that will Strengthen THE CHURCH

  1. Individual/Family Budget Management (Your church can be supported only as well as its members limit their debt and manage their finances)
  2. Estate Planning and Charitable Giving (Part of responsible budget management includes managing your assets now and after you’re gone, in such a way that your family and church are provided for
  3. Annual Fundraising (The “Call to Give” from our wallets and our assets is kept alive 52 Sundays each year – to the benefit of the church, local mission and the ABCOTS Mission Center!)
  4. Endowment Development (Small donations can start a church endowment – they don’t all have to be large; and what a statement an endowment makes about a church’s confidence in the future of its ministry!)

  • PLANNED GIVING (Local church benefits when the vision is identified)
  • LEGACY SUNDAY (Benefits the ABCOTS Mission Center ) year round.
  • ENDOWMENT (benefits the MISSION work of ABCOTS & ABC/USA). Donations Large and Small Fuel Endowments


Creating a Legacy Gift

Through effective estate planning, you can provide a gift that reflects your Christian faith and lasts into the future long after you’ve moved on to your Heavenly Home. It can support your church and the ABCOTS region of which it is a part, as well as National and International Ministries.

At the same time, a well planned estate can provide:

  • Present income for you or family members,
  • Future income for family members when you no longer need it,
  • Immediate income tax benefits, and
  • Help with savings on capital gains taxes.

To include ABCOTS in your will, ask your legal counsel to include this statement:

I give, devise, and bequeath to the American Baptist Churches of the South, a Maryland corporation with offices at Baltimore, Maryland, the sum of $________________( or indicate a percentage or specific asset) from the residue of my estate for the use of said Corporation in carrying out its corporate purpose.

Contact the American Baptist Foundation at 1-800-222-3872, ext. 2035, at no cost or obligation to learn more about giving planned gifts from your estate. Please visit the Foundation on the Web

7008 Security Blvd., Suite 120

Baltimore, MD 21244-2568

OFFICE (443) 551-3045 | FAX (443) 551-3565